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Embodied Soul offers a unique method of fascial fitness and energy entrainment exercises that remodel the body, retrain movement habits and re-set neurological patterns.


Elizabeth Andes-Bell and Bruce Bell are healers, movement-healing specialists, and somatic pioneers. They have been teaching and exploring movement potential and the human energy field for 40 years and have presented their work to thousands of people in large venues, small groups and one on one.

Elizabeth and Bruce also owned fitness and yoga centers in New York City for 23 years; were senior faculty at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing for 8 years; have maintained private healing/yoga therapy practices for 28 years and have been collaborating with movement, energy (and life in general ) for 38 years.

Healer’s Speak with Sylvia Anais Mouzourou, @HealersSpeak

Their work teaches us how to live in this ever-changing world of synchronistic chaos that we are a part of and is the very ground of our being.”

Barbara Brennan

Founder Barbara Brennan School Of Healing

“ Our bodies shape themselves, based on our experience. This is more mutable than we realize. A coherent body, mind, emotion, belief system can access the underlying pattern of dynamic flow of matter and energy that keeps us alive, growing, developing and evolving.” EAB

“We’ve clarified some core practices for opening the body and the energy field to bring on line new abilities and intelligence. They make your body strong and resilient. They also give you the capacity to hold difficult feelings and divergent points of view. They give you the agility and creatively to engage with what’s showing up now. They give you a sense of freedom.” BB

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“I lived in chronic back pain for years from childhood leg braces and back surgery that never got me well. I have been getting weekly sessions with Elizabeth for 3 years and I am happy to report that I am pain free most of the time. I have learned how to use my body differently. I have released where I used to painfully hold. I climb up and down ladders at job sites, walk 4 miles easily, play tennis and ride my bike. I eat a healthy diet and have lost weight. I’m feeling better, looking better, dating again and I’ve even gotten a better-paying job.”

Shana Kurtz


I began private work with Elizabeth right after 5 months of physical therapy following shoulder surgery. I still lacked full range of motion but wanted to return yoga and not re-injure myself. I’ve made more progress in the 5 private lessons we’ve had than I had in 5 months of physical therapy. She is perceptive and intuitive about the body and knows how to modify poses to help you get the most out of them given your current limitations. She’s shown me how to get my range of motion back and improve my alignment to prevent further injury.

Laura Gold


I discovered Elizabeth’s class after a debilitating injury to my ankle. The clarity of her instruction and careful attention to detail made me feel safe and secure. I am ever grateful for the connection of body, mind and energy grounded and cultivated under her loving guidance.

Shane Patrice


As this work slowly resonates (along with the ever shifting daily challenges), I see this work is life changing. 

Sylvia Anais Mouzourou , Healer, Producer

In her classes, Elizabeth gives physical and verbal cues as well as an exchange of energy that lead directly to structural integrity. Integration of body, mind and spirit naturally follow. It is a lovely path to peace.

Gerry Meagher

Yoga Teacher

I felt a profoundly deep well of energy and vitality from our work together. A flow deeper and more complete than I’ve ever felt in this body, except, perhaps when I was an infant, and new. I am so excited to continue working with her so I can discover this flow in it’s full river of energy.

Joan MacIntosh

Actor, Professor, Yale Drama School

I have know Elizabeth since 2003, when I first started working with her at Namaste Yoga Center. As a yoga therapist, healer, and teacher, I have found her work as a therapist/teacher/healer to be unparalleled. Her ability to interweave form with spirit and psychology is unique and impressive.

A year ago I was having some lower back problems and approached Elizabeth about working with her to solve this longstanding issue. She has been completely professional and focused in our work and the results have been great. I was going through some intense changes in my life, and Elizabeth helped me to see how my way of being and reacting in the world was part of the problem. She helped me to rediscover proper alignment in my hips, and also gave me insight into how my personal psychology was affecting my physiology. She gave me assignments to help counteract the stress my body and spirit were facing, and I can honestly say she has been instrumental in my healing process.

I can’t say enough about Elizabeth’s skill as a teacher and therapist, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to go more deeply into their essence and form simultaneously.

David Steinberg


A unique mind, body and energy union on a much deeper level.

Justyna Tuniewicz

Risk Assessment Advisor

“I have osteoporosis. In my yearly screening, I discovered that the bone density in my lumbar spine increased by 3.9%! The only change in my life that I have been working with Elizabeth”


Miriam Harris


Students Share Their Experience

CC Treadway, Artist, Healer, @lightschoolarts

Emily Wilson, Yoga Teacher, @emilyroseyoga

Phoebe Miller, Founder/Owner, nOMadalwaysathome.com

Kate Pendegrast,  Healer, Midwife


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