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Embodied Soul’s Basic Skills

5 Day Online Video Course

These exercises will help you to:

Increase Your Life Force Energy/Prana/Chi,  direct it to where you need it in to go order to make the changes in your life that you want to make.

You will learn:


Align, Breath, Make Contact

The Crossroads

Floating Breath

Here and Now “I’m Feeling”

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We will help you design the right path to reach your goals.


 Studio Class $20

November 2019

Please reserve, space is limited.

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Monday 11:00-12:30

Embodied Soul Studio Class 

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Embodied Soul Basics Classes

Rhythmic or slow but always self-paced, natural movement training that feels like play, opens perception, trains your fascia, develops core strength, restores energy and rebuilds motor patterns. All levels welcome. Class size limited to 8.

Coherence Meditation 

Slow, deep, myofascial releases and our  guided energy-mapping meditation.  Stabilzes your vital body,  calms the emotions, quiets the mind and creates embodied well-being.

Deep Rest Deep Peace

Tap your capacity for renewal and regeneration. Easy somatic and breath explorations followed by a yoga-nidra style guided journey into your neuromyofascial web and Delta brain waves.

Ways We Work


The Way of Embodied Soul Immersion Weekends

Our signature course in body awakening skills as a path to higher consciousness. Link your nervous system, energy field and the biointelligent matrix of fascia, develop new sensori-motor capacities, free the knots arising in your body and emotions, sit in the deep stillness underlying all experience.

The Embodied Soul Foundations Training

A trauma-informed, professional training for yoga teachers, healers, therapists, etc. Focus is on identifying the connection between the energy body, our early organismic shaping and ongoing somatic experience.  Release beliefs held in the fascial body. Develop fluid resilience and biotensegral movement acuity. Learn the value of Spatial Medicine in developing embodiment and presence skills.  Learn skills you can begin using with your students and clients right away.


Personal Movement Coaching

Are you looking for more vitality, stability and strength? Do you need help with stress or recovering from injury or illness? We have been in practice (as energy healers, yoga therapists and movement coaches) since the 1990’s. If you want to get moving again after PT, up your movement game or stay moving well for many years, we can help. Practical support and simple practices that anyone can do to unlearn bad habits and source the inner resilience.

Integral Energy Healing

Biotensegral Energy Work coupled with deep dialogue, a leveraged action plan, accountability and a supportive environment really will transform, maybe even transfigure you.True transformation is deep, like metamorphosis. It actually means to change the template, the grid through which your energy flows.) Good Energy Healing does change lives. It gets you moving in the direction of your dreams.


“My life changed forever the first day I studied with Elizabeth. The short story is that after the first class, I felt inexplicably happy. After the second class, I experienced a massive release in my neck. After the third class. I booked two theater jobs in one day after two years of unsuccessful auditions.”

Nancy Anderson


“I have osteoporosis. In my yearly screening, I discovered that the bone density in my lumbar spine increased by 3.9%! The only change in my life that I have been working with Elizabeth”

Miriam Harris



Move Heal Connect

EmBodied Soul

Class Schedule

Monday 11:00-12:30
Embodied Soul Studio Class

Please contact us for Group Classes and Individual Sessions.



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